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Light Technology Publishing

A Year of Forgiveness

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Light Technology PublishingLight Technology Publishing offers Books of Light that give our readers Guidance and Benevolent-Magic Techniques to move them Safely through these Tumultuous Times.

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Benevolent Magic and Living PrayerBenevolent Magic & Living Prayer

This first book in the Feminine Science series provides an easy-to-read introduction to benevolent magic and living prayer. Reveals the Mysteries offers these techniques so we can help create benevolent lives for ourselves and others here and now.

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Voices from Other WorldsExplore the sound-healing voice of Tom Kenyon

Blessed with a voice that covers more than four octaves, Tom Kenyon is able to create healing songs, chants, mantras, and more. What you hear is much more than sound. It is a spiritual vibration, an energetic sensation and perception.

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Dr ToddNow you can get Dr. Todd's Laser-Enhanced Supplements

Dr. Todd, as he is called, is a widely respected researcher, pioneering Laser Physicist and speaker on the topics of Anti-Aging and Life Enhancement and an expert in the Field of Longevity and DNA rejuvenation.

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New Products

Medical Astrology - Third Edition

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The most comprehensive book ever on this rapidly growing science. Homeopath Eileen Nauman presents the med-scan technique of relating astrology to health and nutrition with case histories and a guide to nutrition.


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The Twelve Layers Of DNA

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This is the twelfth book in the Kryon series. Three years in the making, it is the first book of its kind, and it may eventually define the more than twenty-year Kryon lineage.

DNA is our chemical blueprint, but...

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Color Medicine

The secrets of color vibration healing. A practitioner's manual for restoring blocked energy to the body systems with specific color wave-lengths. By the founder of the 49th vibrational technique.

The Cutting Edge of Holistic Healthcare: Color/Vibrational Healing


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The Nature of Personal Reality

Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know

In this perennial bestseller, Seth shows readers how we create our personal reality through our conscious beliefs about ourselves, others,...

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Seth Speaks

The Eternal Validity Of The Soul

One of the most powerful of the Seth books, "Seth Speaks" is an essential guide to conscious living. It clearly and powerfully articulates the furthest reaches of human potential and presents the...

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Opening The Akashic Records

Meet Your Record Keepers and Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

The Akashic Records are a vast domain of energetic imprints much like a movie library, a living vibrational field that stores all possible futures, the present, and the past...

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Mastering Your 5D Self

Tools to Create a New Reality

Humanity is shifting into the fifth dimension, but this transformation from 3D to 5D will not be a linear process. Our evolution follows a sine wave, moving from ideal expressions back to old familiar ones then on...

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Phone Calls From The Future

Future History & Ancient History from the People Who Were There

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The channel, Robert Shapiro, and the questioner live in different cities, so the channeling sessions are conducted over the telephone....

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