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The Explorer Race Series (Book 13): Animal Souls Speak

The Explorer Race Series (Book 13): Animal Souls Speak
Shapiro, Robert

Robert Shapiro brings us wisdom and guidance from our fellow creatures across the globe in this compendium of unexpected insights and perspectives. Each animal brings a wondrous gift to share with humanity—enjoy it!

Various chapters include: eel, tortoise, frog, skunk, snail, deer, elephant, rabbit, polar bear, earthworm, phoenix, chickadee, koala bear, spider, cat, dog, whale, shark, and many others, including important messages from Grandfather and Creator's Emissary.

6 x 9
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
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I've read the whole series and this one is so practical on a day-to-day basis.Moving and, as always, fantastic!

Each Animal species which are


Each Animal species which are extraterrestrial (ET) will tell about their home planet from which they have come to earth (which is different for each animal) , their family, culture , their preferences , environment on their home planet, how they get education, various visitors who visited their home planets, what is their purpose of coming to earth and who invited them to the earth, their journey from home planet to earth , they also talk about creator and earlier memory of their universe from which they have come. So this book gives wonderful insights about ET life in different universes. They share their experiences on earth apart from their home planet.

We are so fortunate to get exposed to millions of animal species on this earth who are extraterrestrials itself. Actually people are passionate about meeting and knowing different things about ET but we ignore sometimes that these wonderful ET animal species is in our neighborhood only and they can tell us a lot if we are able to communicate with them. It is sad to know that these beautiful varieties of plants and animals who support human race so much is extinguishing fast from the planet day by day.