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Benevolent Magic & Living Prayer
Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer. The ancient secrets of feminine science.

Carolyn Gervais
Spiritual, practical insight for today's world at www.awakeningyou.com.

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Kim Malonie, The Animal Whisperer®
Helping all animals with physical, emotional, and behavioral issues. Clairvoyant/medium. Also gently guiding people along their life path.

Lee Carroll

Lyssa Royal

Pepper Lewis

Ronna Herman

Sedona Journal of Emergence
Sedona Journal of Emergence from Light Technology Publishing. You Have Questions...We Have Source Answers...


Shamanic Secrets
Shamanic Secrets Series from Light Technology Publishing.

Steve Rother/ Lightworker

Steven M. Greer

The Explorer Race
The Explorer Race Series from Light Technology Publishing

The Gentle Way by Tom Moore