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33 Keys To Ascension

33 Keys To Ascension
Chandran, Rae

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A comprehensive guide for ascension and enlightenment for the modern-day world.

Includes 2 CDs with meditations and toning!

This book is for those who seek the light in all its glory — for the highest good for themselves and for others — in every moment of their lives. This book is for the people who say, “I want to know God within me.” It is for everybody who seeks communion, a oneness, with God.

All on the path seeking higher light will find this material easy to use, for there is truth in this book. There is energy behind every word. Every meditation was shared and experienced by Robert and others. This speaks of the validity of what we are saying — the energy behind the words, the energy behind the masters.

The beauty of this book is that, after a few chapters, the readers will feel that they already know the answers. They will already know the next step they need to take. So in many ways, this book simply states what all of you already know within your beings. We are just mirroring back to you your innermost truth.

Exercises are marked with corresponding tracks of the accompanying CD.


  • Maintain the Layers of the Aura
  • Retrieve and Reintegrate Soul Fragments
  • Heal with Sacred Temple Energy
  • Integrate Galactic Consciousness
  • Activate the Ascension Codes
  • Connect with the Earth Spirit
  • Purify Layers of Thought
  • Connect All Realities
  • Open to Receive Light
  • Assimilate the Feminine Energy
  • Activate Geometric Patterns
  • Embrace Color Energy
  • Anchor the Balance from Rainbows
  • Download Dragon Ascension Energy
  • Activate and Deactivate Ethereal Codes
  • Heal Physical Trauma from Former Lifetimes
  • Program Sacred Geometry of the Face
  • Elevate Consciousness with Sound
  • Access Heart Wisdom
  • Increase Inner Light
  • Open to New Truths and Realities
  • Connect with the Breath
  • Restore Food’s Original Energy
  • Ignite Creation Energies
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Fascinating array of techniques and insights presented. Each chapter seems like a portal to deeper understanding and self realization. Looking forward to exploring these transformative concepts.
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In my years of spiritual

In my years of spiritual exploration, the 33 Keys to Ascension illuminate the path towards higher consciousness. Each key unlocks mobile ultrasound profound insights and transformative practices, guiding seekers towards spiritual awakening and self-realization. Embracing these principles fosters inner peace, growth, and alignment with the universal flow of energy and love.