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Chandran, Rae

Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran is a spiritual teacher, channel, author, and healer living in Tokyo, Japan. He teaches workshops throughout the Far East, and leads tours of holy sites throughout the world. To learn more, go to his website: www.raechandran.com

33 Keys To Ascension

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A comprehensive guide for ascension and enlightenment for the modern-day world.

Angels and Ascension

Integrate Celestial Energy for a Benevolent Life

Dance of the Hands

Dance of the Hands is for everyone, not just people who are spiritually advanced. It is for any layperson, regardless of religion.

DNA of the Spirit

The etheric strands of your DNA are the information library of your
soul. They contain the complete history of you, lifetime after lifetime;

Partner with Angels

Angels are the Creator's workforce, and in this book, individual angels describe their responsibilities and explain how they can help you with all aspects of your life — practical and spiritual.

Rumi's Songs of the Soul

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Soul Symbols - Good Healing

Soul symbols are channeled geometric forms individually designed for a specific soul. These symbols are designed in cooperation with the angels and guides of each individual.