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Rumi's Songs of the Soul

Rumi's Songs of the Soul
Chandran, Rae
Zhang, Yizhao

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What is not known about me is that I was greatly influenced by the understandings and philosophy of the magi who were the followers of the sacred fire. I had thoughts put into my mind while I slept and during times of deep silence about the sacredness of all life and about how to accept things in life without discarding any of it. I followed this and never gave up on finding God, for in rejecting any part of God, I was rejecting God entirely.

Now in modern times, people must carefully examine what supported them before and make adjustments and corrections wherever necessary. I wanted to bring my writings in a newer form that would suit your present Earth reality because of the changing times and planetary shift. To do this, I chose my old student, Rae (he was one of the students at the seminary in Konya), to bring forth this new understanding to help people remember the Law of One and the Family of God. I offer these poems in humble gratitude.

— Rumi

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