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The Explorer Race Series (Book 15): ET Visitors Speak, Volume Two

The Explorer Race Series (Book 14): ET Visitors Speak, Volume Two
Shapiro, Robert

For those of you who have always wanted to meet somebody completely different, here is your opportunity. This book contains the continuing adventures of visitors to planet Earth.

When you’re reading this book, think about it as if you were visiting from another planet. What would you say in reaction to the local population—their habits and so on? Put yourself in the picture so this isn’t just a meaningless travel log from various beings you don’t know and may never meet. Make it personal this time, because the time is coming—maybe even in some of your lifetimes—when you might just meet one of those extraterrestrials on another planet. So you might as well practice now and get your lines down right.

  • ET from a Future Version of Saturn (ET Greeters to Future Mars Earth Colony)
  • Tuwass, a Visitor to Future Earth (Harmony Is a Way of Life on Future Earth)
  • Jemet from Pleiades (A Pleidian Visit with the Ice People of Earth)
  • Visitor from Planet Odin (Odin, the Norse God; How the Myth Began)
  • The Sound of Breath (Individual-Specific Communion among Human Beings)
  • ET Visitor from Ganymede (An Ancient Visitor to Planet Earth)
  • ET Visitor from the Orb of Interconnectivity (The Key to Life)
  • Tsong Ti from the Pleiades (Earth Children Have It All Worked Out for You)
  • Time-Loop Traveler (Time-Loop Travel Is the Travel of Your Dreams)
  • Antiquarian, Pleiadian Teacher (You Are in the Final Stages of Preparation for Contact)

. . . and many more!

6 x 9
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
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