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Gifts of Mother Earth: Earth Energies, Vortexes, Lines, and Grids

Gifts of Mother Earth
van Etten, Jaap

Join a powerful journey of discovery, remembering, and reconnecting.

We live in a sea of energies. These energies are all part of Earth. Our ancestors knew these gifts of Mother Earth and used them to support their lives and spirituality in many ways. As modern humans, we have mostly forgotten that these energies exist. This book helps us remember the gifts of these energies provided by Mother Earth and offers us a journey of support for balance, health, expanding awareness, and personal and collective spiritual evolution. It helps us understand that all the tools to live a life of joy, happiness, love, and abundance are permanently available to us.


  • Energies that help us balance and align our meridians and chakras
  • Energies that support and help expand consciousness and awareness
  • Crystalline energies that form the support of life on Earth
  • Morphogenetic fields that determine our potential
  • The heritage of the ancestors
  • Our human history seen from a consciousness point of view

Dr. van Etten's studies also show the tendency of humankind to move into higher levels of consciousness, confirming what many feel is happening: a shift.

Chapters Include

  • How to Connect with Earth Energies
  • Lower-Frequency Subtle Energy Systems of Earth
  • Higher Subtle Earth Energies
  • Communication Lines
  • Effects of Human Activities on the Different Grid Systems
  • How Earth Energies Support Human Evolution
6 x 9
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