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Surrealistic Trials: Surviving My Life After Death

Surrealistic Trials: Surviving My Life After Death
Jamron, Hilary

We all have reasons for doing the things we do.

We all have our own realities.

It is my blessing to have more than one.

— Hilary Jamron

When Hilary died, part of her soul refused to come back. That part of her
higher self chose to remain where peace and simplicity reign. From that time
forward, life would reveal itself in front of her, and she would simply step into
her future. Decisions would be made without fear or hesitation by an unconscious
multidimensional consensus, and she would survive. She would travel
through death and paralysis without self-pity or delay.

The truth is that each of us is as limitless as space and time, having no
boundaries, beginnings, or endings. Limits are illusions, delusions, like pebbles
that we casually kick out of our way as we move forward. Illness, pain, heartbreak,
and life circumstances are all pebbles. There’s no point in looking back
when we’ve already kicked our earthly problems off to the side of the road.
The kicking is a gentle toss of the foot done in perfect synchronicity to the
drumbeat of lessons learned. After that, the only direction is forward.

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