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The Explorer Race Series (Book 19): Are You A Walk-In?

Are You A Walk-In?
Shapiro, Robert

17% of Earth’s Population — 1 Out of Every 6 People — Are Now Walk-Ins.

There is a phenomena happening now that is confusing many people. Some people think they’re crazy when they’re not. Some people think other people are crazy when they’re not. The phenomena is the walk-in experience, and this book will help you to understand if it’s happening to you or it will help you to understand if it’s happening to others that you know or perhaps even love.

Are You a Walk-In?

Isis: In these tumultuous times or just busy life for you all, there’s a form of birth going on that might surprise some of you, and that form of birth includes (just slightly before it) a very safe, calm, and (frequently) completely pain-free form of death. This form of birth is spirit replacement. This is not something forced on you. It is something that you have chosen on the soul level while guided by your teachers, angels, and Creator.

Reveals the Mysteries: The information in this book is meant to act as a support system with suggested mechanisms on how to achieve goals, purposes, and other adaptations. This information is meant to help you to live a fulfilled life and, perhaps, to be able to express the traits and abilities that you have brought in to not only enjoy this new expression but to help others as well.

Chapters Include:

  • How the Body Prepares for a New Soul
  • The Physical Effects of the Walk-In Experience
  • Communication between the Exiting Soul and the Walk-In
  • Walk-In or Soul Braid
  • Walking in, a Benevolent Birth Process
  • How the Walk-In Adjusts
  • Your Walk-In Experience Is Supported by Your Physical Body
  • The Personality Allows the Soul to Reveal Itself
  • How to Live as a Walk-In
  • The Walk-In Support System
  • Mother Earth Welcomes Every Soul
  • The Transition of Your Native Personality
  • You Are Here to Cocreate with Creator
  • The Walk-In Learns Material Mastery
  • You Chose to Incarnate on Earth
6.0 x 9.0
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
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