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The Explorer Race Series (Book 22): ETs On Earth, Volume 3

The Explorer Race Series (Book 22): ETs On Earth, Volume 3
Shapiro, Robert

ETs Are Real!

See What They Have To Say.

Many of you are ready to welcome ETs — if not in your personal lives, at least interchanging with element bodies in large groups. Some of you are prepared to shake hands. Even a few want hugs. But it may not be that personal.

There are circumstances coming up in your now evolution toward your natural selves that make it almost imperative to have contact of a benevolent nature between Earth people and extraterrestrials. For now, many ETs are shy about coming here. They will, at some risk to themselves from time to time, show you images of themselves literally (in the skies you will see them defined by clouds), or you will see something that reminds you of ships. I’m not just referring to lenticular clouds. It will be a cloud form, often all by itself in the sky, that reminds you of a ship and has details that could be nothing but. So look for that all over the planet, and don’t be afraid.

As your cousins, which is the way they see themselves (the ones you are most likely to meet), ETs recognize that you are a version of their extended family. So read this book. You will find many reminders of who you might have been or who you might be in other lives or who your extended family is now.

Chapters Include

  • Beings Who Communicate through Mathematical Expression
  • Hope Benefits the Pleiades
  • The Road to Compassion Is Paved with Growth
  • Change Represents Growth for You and Other Beings
  • From a Light in the Sky to the Solution of a Great Mystery
  • Sound Feeds Life
  • Be Aware of Emerging Sense Communications
  • Panda Bear Energy Helps Humans Resolve Conflicts
  • ET Scientist Seeks Out Unusual Life
  • Time-Traveling Orion ET Visits Future Jupiter
  • Meeting Us Will Be a Comfortable Experience
  • Appreciate What Earth Freely Offers
  • You Will Begin Experiencing the Total You
  • There Are People on Jupiter!
6.0 x 9.0
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
Average: 4.9 (11 votes)


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As a fan of the genre, I was


As a fan of the genre, I was excited to pick up this book, and I was not disappointed. The world-building was rich and immersive, and the characters were compelling and multi-dimensional, see services..