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Sophie Star Child

Sophie Star Child

Every child views the stars with wonder!

Through whimsical illustrations, Sophie Star Child takes young children on a colorful journey through the heavens and on Earth. With encouraging and comforting rhymes, author Tracy Uloma Cooper prepares children for their role in healing the world. Sophie Star Child surfs through the universe, meeting new friends and following inner guidance, on an adventure that inspires confidence and courage. She learns to release fear and trust herself as she discovers the wonders of the future and her own heart.

This bright, cheerful book shows young children who may be experiencing anxiety and fear that they are not only loved but also important beings who will do great things! The simple verse speaks to their hearts to lift the veil of a limiting third-dimensional view, allowing them to imagine the unlimited possibilities available to them.

8.5 x 11
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Sophie Star Child


What a captivating journey through the cosmos. The uplifting message and vibrant illustrations in Sophie Star Child are sure to ignite young imaginations and inspire boundless curiosity.
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As she explores the wonders


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