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Feminine Science Series (Book 1): Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer

Secrets of Feminine Science Series (Book 1): Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer
Shapiro, Robert

This first book in the Feminine Science series provides an easy-to-read introduction to benevolent magic and living prayer. Reveals the Mysteries offers these techniques so we can help create benevolent lives for ourselves and others here and now.

Ancient Secrets of Feminine Science

Benevolent magic is a system designed to go beyond what you now know as prayer. Prayer is a system because it clearly defines what you want and need for yourself, your family, your friends and your community—the world. And it does so in a structured way that allows you to feel connected to Creator, whoever or whatever that named identity for Creator in your religion or philosophy is. Benevolent Magic is a little different. It doesn’t replace any of that prayer that you now d0—continue to do that as you lie. But it supports that.

Benevolent magic is separate in that it works directly with Creator, angels, and benevolent beings, and the benevolent portion of the souls of all beings on Earth and everywhere. It can only be used benevolently, even if it is accidentally (or otherwise) said in some way that isn’t benevolent. It will still only work as long as the experience for everyone is benevolent, including those who cooperate consciously or otherwise with bringing about your request—that’s the whole point.

Various chapters include:

  • Ask for Anything—No Limitations
  • Personal Safety and Relationships
  • Money and Abundance
  • Finding the Right Work
  • Perfect Home and Health
  • Beings Who Need Help
  • Peace on the Planet
  • Welcome the Results

For more information, visit the Benevolent Magic website.

3.75 x 5 (Pocket Size)
Book Series: 
Feminine Science Series
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Thank you for sharing your post about the first book in the Feminine Science series. It's intriguing to learn about benevolent magic and living prayer as tools for creating benevolent lives. The concept of benevolent magic seems to complement traditional prayer practices by working directly with Creator, angels, benevolent beings, and the benevolent aspect of all souls. The emphasis on ensuring a benevolent experience for everyone involved is a vital aspect of this approach. It's fascinating to explore these ancient secrets of the Feminine Science and how they can enhance our connection with the divine while positively impacting our lives and the world around us.

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