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The Road to Ascension

The Road to Ascension
Chapman, Cathy

Enhancing The Four Basic Relationships

The author of this book is a collective of multidimensional energies we call Amiya. Indeed, Divine Mother Amma considers her to be a healing friend. She has brought forth numerous books through Dr. Cathy Chapman on the topic of relationships with various organizations such as with ourselves, other people, the planet, and the spiritual realm.

Amiya speaks from her high spiritual perspective in beautiful, loving, and informative ways so that we clearly understand the content and the role it plays in our lives.

Your entire life revolves around four types of relationships: yourself, others, the planet, and God. You experience pain and suffering as well as joy and delight with all relationships. All relationships are a journey of discovering you are love, others are love, you live upon love, and the One who is intangible is the Source of all love. While you are in discovery, you are also in doubt about all I just told you.

Your journey in this incarnation is, in a way, your journey to removing all doubts about the manifestation of love through yourself, others, and the planet. That manifestation comes from the Source of all, All That Is, Love Itself. The closer you come to recognizing that all is love, including that which you in your humanity don't like, the closer you will return to Oneness, the closer you will come to ascension.

Heal your relationships with yourself, others, the planet, and the one you call God. As you do so, the truth of who you are will unfold from the tight bud of a flower into a glorious full bloom.

This book is a must read for those seeking relationship guidance and inspiration.
— Cleo Macchia

Chapters Include

  • Open Your Heart to Guidance
  • Every Interaction Is a Relationship
  • Recognize That You Are More
  • Fill Your Past Self with Love
  • Acceptance Is the Key to an Easier Life
  • Turn Your Pain into Light
  • Focus on the Love You Experience
  • Everything You Learn Is Part of You
  • Protect Yourself from Negative Group Energy
6 x 9
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