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Sedona Journal Subscription Canada

Sedona Journal Canadian Subscription

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This is a special offer available only to our Canadian subscribers, and only available through this website. Receive your magazine through the mail and online with this special offer. Read the magazine wherever you want, and access additional content not available in the print magazine through our website. It really is the best of both worlds!

How Electronic Subscriptions work
When you place your order for a subscription and your order has been approved, you will be able to log into our e-subscription area and download the issues in PDF format. It is simple and fast!


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love this journal

Thank you so much to the creators of (and contributors to) this magnificent journal. It enlightens and inspires me in so many ways. The information offered is incredibly fascinating and mind and heart expanding. The journal is an ongoing gift in my life. I hope that more and more people will become aware of and read this journal.

Sending you all peace, love and light.
Ontario Canada

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Love the magazine.


Love the magazine. It teaches people how to become a Galactic human.


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Aloha Dearest friends


Aloha Dearest friends,
Since the 90's I have been reading your magazine and I must say it has saved and uplifted me many times in my life. I wished more people would know about you. I have to push a lot to have your magazine in Borders in Hilo. Big Island But since January You are back in the store. I wish Sedona Emergence be available in all health food stores.

Thanks to All
Madame O'Douce
Galactic GrandMothers Council

I literally "live" for each issue


I literally "live" for each issue and currently have been racing to my local Chapters store to pick up my copy - but lately it hasn't been on the shelves on the 1st so now it's time to order it and have it delivered to my door step so I don't have to wait. I've told so many people about the journal and every one of them has become an avid regular reader.