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Handbook For Healers

Handbook For Healers
Avery, Frankie Z

This Handbook For Healers package is the foundation for a series of handbooks to support and enhance the work of all healers.

This set includes a channeled guide from OMA intended for healers of all skill levels, offering nutritional advice, exercises, and meditations. OMA comments that, "The human body was designed to be a thoroughly wonderful vehicle for at least two centuries" and "healing is restoring perfection."

Chapters include:

  • Who Is a Healer?
  • How Healing Works
  • Three Acts of a Healer
  • Healing Changes Consciousness
  • Moving Beyond Survival Fears
  • Restore Perfection at Subatomic Levels

The entire package includes the healing handbook plus a healing tones CD and an instructional DVD.

6 x 9
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The concept of healing tied with consciousness and moving beyond survival fears is compelling. I would love to explore how these ideas can benefit different healing practices.
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