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The Explorer Race Series (Book 14): Astrology: Planet Personalities and Signs Speak

Astrology: Planet Personalities and Signs Speak
Shapiro, Robert

12 Planets, 12 Signs, the Thirteenth Sign, and a Planet to Balance Mother Earth

The planet personalities and signs of astrology speak to us through superchannel Robert Shapiro—sharing not only long-lost information but also new ways of being for an awakening humanity.

As the planet personalities and signs speak through Robert, their personality traits and interests, many of which have been unknown since ancient times, can be clearly heard and felt. In addition, you—humanity—have made such progress that other new energies and traits of the planets and signs are expressed through their words. These energies, traits, and characteristics were only potential in earlier times but now are becoming available to you to become aware of and to express within your life on Earth as you awaken to your natural self.

6 x 9
Book Series: 
The Explorer Race Series
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The total work introduces one


The total work introduces one to the interaction between planes and dimensions, the existence of dimensions other than our own, and the dimensional interweaving that holds the entire sprawl together. - Crawlspace Encapsulation