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Talks with Jonathon (Book 1)

Talks with Jonathon (Book 1)
Miller, Robin

“The path to enlightenment is the only path one walks as all directions lead to the One. Seek thy joy, thy bliss within thyself for all reality, all truth shall be found therein.”

Jonathon of the Seventh Ray
Speaker of the Council of the Brotherhood of Light

Robin Miller, who had been channeling music for several years, began “talking” with Jonathon in 1991. A wondrously wise and loving Master Teacher, Jonathon sets forth guidelines for those who seek answers to questions encountered in the path to self mastery.

With infinite clarity and compassion, Jonathon brings a message of hope, love and foreverness to eliminate the shadows of fear and our vision of a limited reality.

“Thy limited past perception of what is real and unreal is soon to be altered as thy hearts and minds expand to a greater understanding the place in the perfect of cosmic awareness. Awaken, oh Humanity, behold thy Godself. Behold and walk in joy, freedom and bliss. Behold thyself.”

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