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Sedona Journal Subscription All Other Countries

Sedona Journal Subscription All Countries

Special combo offer!
Printed Subscription (Airmail) & Electronic Subscription
1 year - $170 USD
2 years - $329 USD

This is a special offer available only to our World (excluding Canada, Mexico & the United States) subscribers, and only available through this website. Receive your magazine through the mail and online with this special offer. Read the magazine wherever you want, and access additional content not available in the print magazine through our website. It really is the best of both worlds!

How Electronic Subscriptions work
When you place your order for a subscription and your order has been approved, you will be able to log into our e-subscription area and download the issues in PDF format. It is simple and fast!


(based on airmail postage of $8.80 per issue)
2 years (24 issuses) - $299 USD
1 year (12 issues) - $154 USD

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An exceptional magazine, full of so much wisdom...


An exceptional magazine, full of so much wisdom... Thank you so much for this Journal, it really is a treasure to have and has helped me on my spiritual path.