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Sedona Journal Subscription USA

Sedona Journal Subscription USA

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This is a special offer available only to our United States subscribers, and only available through this website. Receive your magazine through the mail and online with this special offer. Read the magazine wherever you want, and access additional content not available in the print magazine through our website. It really is the best of both worlds!

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love and peace


If anyone is out there searching for something higher in this realm of existence
then I highly recomend they read Sedona journal. It fills my body and soul with the feeling of love and peace.

love & peace with Sedona

You are so right! This publication ( I hesitate to call it a magazine) is magic! My soul is filled with love, light and such hope. Reading this I know I am not alone, I am not a failure, I am a beautiful light, I am one with all trying to make sense of it all and intending towards truth. Thank you for this beautiful source of information.


the truth


My mother reads Sedona every month that is how I found out what an amazing magazine it is. I have never in my life read so much that fills my heart with grace. I was getting over a break up and just simply reading back issues of Sedona Journal calmed my heart. I was able to cut my cord from him with the help of the Gold Light Beings. Thank you for enriching my mind and soul.

Yes, Sedona is a great

Yes, Sedona is a great magazine. I love reading it too. I can learn so much that I can not in other books or magazines.

email me so that we can communicate each other okay uaguilar1@gmail.com

Peace and light!

New to the field


Was looking for a book about the other side. I found Sedona Journal. Loved the magazine. Read all the articles clear through. I rarely read a magazine front to back, but didnt want to put this one down.



Rarely do I buy a magazine, then to find Sedona Journal at Barnes and Noble when it hadn't been carried there for some time passed. I'm feeling great joy. This publication is everything I would want to read. I'm VERY happy reading such a variety of subjects that ring so TRUE. The format and layout of the pages is excellent.

The Sedona Journal will bring light to any dark place in a human (or non-human) heart and soul. I'm sure some enlightenment can be found in these pages and would tell anyone so who is willing to listen.

All together now...PEACE TO ALL BEINGS!!!

Making everyday count


I have great respect for the contents of the Sedona Journal. I feel it 'captures the pulse of life' and offers up to date, critical information to help humanity achieve it's goal. It has something for everyone.

I call it a “pure” magazine.


There is one thing I count on Sedona Journal of Emergence for, and that is the latest information brought through for humanity. I call it a “pure” magazine, because it’s not all about flash – it’s all about superb content that is metaphysical, engaging and practical.

A long standing staple of enlightening content, SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE is THE magazine for spiritually focused people. My expectations are always surpassed by content that is carefully selected. Content that goes beyond informative to transformative.

Great channelings from a slew of top-notch mediums!


Great channelings from a slew of top-notch mediums!

You have been a wonderful portal for light.


You have been a wonderful portal for light. My consciousness has been raised many a time from the words this magazine shares. I truly feel more in touch with my divine when I read through the pages. Thank you very much and much light to you ....

The Sedona Journal is exceptionally good


The Sedona Journal is exceptionally good for its trustful information from the other side. It also functions as good reference work to check back information at a later stage.

I just love the SJE! I try to


I just love the SJE! I try to read as many articles as I can a month and in essence they are all in harmony. SJE is the one thing that brings me right out of negative thinking. I never want to be without it! I share what I learn with others. Also, the astrology, numerology and related articles I keep track of every month. I just can't say enough about how SJE helps me trough the economic woes, fear about 2012, etc. It is my "Shining Star of Light" in a world that can sometimes be very dreary. Appreciation & Gratitude to all those who contribute to these AWESOME articles of Love & Light.