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Shining the Light Series

Shapiro, Robert

The Shining the Light series exposes the malevolent, controlling and manipulating actions of the sinister secret government as they attempt to keep humans from accessing soul and spiritual functions and ascending into the fourth dimension and beyond.

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In This Series

Shining the Light I: The Battle Begins!

The most significant events in Earth’s history are happening in secret.

Despite official denial and tactics of derision, inquiring minds are demanding the truth. This truth is stranger than all the fictions about ETs, alien bases, and the secret government.

Shining the Light II: The Battle Continues

This book continues the story of the secret government and alien involvement as well as information about the photon belt, cosmic holograms photographed in the sky, a new vortex forming near Sedona, and nefarious mining on the sacred Hopi land.

Shining the Light III: Humanity Gets a Second Chance

The focus shifts from the dastardly deeds of the secret government to humanity's role in creation. Earth receives unprecedented aid from Creator and cosmic councils, who recently lifted us beyond the third dimension to avert a great catastrophe.

Shining the Light IV: Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

The fourth installment of the series tells of the incredible vehicle traveling with the Hale-Bopp Comet—four times the size of Earth and filled with lightbeings. The book also covers the Montauk project, the HAARP project, and the uncreation of Hitler.

Shining the Light V: Humanity Is Going to Make It!

Zoosh and others blast the cover off past events and hidden forces at work on this planet and reveal opportunities for immense growth and power. This is a pivotal time as the secrets and mysteries that have long bewildered humanity are at last illuminated by the light of truth.

Shining the Light VI: The End of What Was . . .

This book in the Shining the Light series exposes the sinister secret government and their continued manipulation of the human race. The most significant events in Earth’s history are happening now.

Shining the Light VII: The First Alignment; World Peace

This edition of Shining the Light by Robert Shapiro focuses on the first alignment and what we can do to bring light and benevolence to humanity and Mother Earth.