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Shining the Light V: Humanity Is Going to Make It!

Shining the Light V: Humanity Is Going to Make It!
Shapiro, Robert

Zoosh and others blast the cover off past events and hidden forces at work on this planet and reveal opportunities for immense growth and power. This is a pivotal time as the secrets and mysteries that have long bewildered humanity are at last illuminated by the light of truth.

The light of truth shines on:

  • Revelations about Area 51 by a rocket scientist
  • A seventy-five-year-long Zeta restructuring of the past
  • Cloning: the new ethics forum
  • Recent UFO activity in the skies
  • The angel of Roswell
  • The first Earth humans and the original dark side, our shadow
  • Angels: guides in training (30% of humans are angels)
  • Using manifestation powers to avert human-made disasters
  • Symbiotic spacecraft engines and faster-than-light travel
  • The true purpose of the Maya
  • The SSG downs military planes
  • Grid lines rising about the planet
  • The SSG realizes they need customers, not slaves
  • Homework for changing your past
6 x 9
Book Series: 
Shining the Light Series
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