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The Master Speaks

The Master Speaks
Stinnett, Leia

High in the Andes Mountains of Peru lies a tiny village completely hidden from the rest of the world. No one knows about these people. If anyone did know of them , they would wonder where these people came from. It is most likely these people came from the stars thousands of years ago.

Among these people are two curious Peruvian children named Tee-la and De-Nar. Join them on their adventure as they encounter the Master and learn about Oneness. The Master teaches them how to connect to Mother Earth and how to listen to their inner voices, God’s voice.

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The concept of ancient origins and teachings about connecting with Mother Earth and ones inner voice adds a mystical and thought provoking layer to the narrative.
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Cosmological spirituality, according to the Arcturians, is essential to this process of transformation because it provides a broad viewpoint that welcomes everyone who is open to it basket random.

Anyone interested in


Anyone interested in spiritual healing will find The Master Speaks to be a non-denominational read. It may be used as a foundational literature for anyone interested in Christian mysticism since it is founded on the teachings of Jesus regarding the fundamentals of spiritual living and spiritual healing. just fall
Goldsmith skillfully combines biblical allusions with the spiritual truths that make up the Infinite Way message throughout the whole book. He walks the reader through a thorough training program centered on three main objectives: achieving a conscious knowledge of God's presence; learning meditation, contemplation, and introspection; and understanding the nature of mistake. "Unless our intellect immediately responds to the reality that God is the sole life, that God is the sum total of all that constitutes an individual being