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Stinnett, Leia

Leia Stinnett

With Archangel Michael's loving guidance, Leia Stinnett has been inspired to write several books that promote spiritual awareness in children and their families. The Little Angel books offer stories, lessons, meditations, and exercises for growth and education that the whole family will enjoy. The messages are universal and the intent is best summed up in Michael's words to Leia, "Together we shall save the children."

A Circle of Angels Workbook

Designed for the little people of the world, who are waiting to join and share in the light.

All My Angel Friends - Coloring Book

More than a coloring book, this illustrative learning tool offers children and parents alike information about the many angels who lovingly watch over us and assist us with our earthly journey.

Animal Tales: Spiritual Lessons from Our Animal Friends

In this book we learn from nature's best teachers, the animals, who share with us their special tools for living.

Color Me One

Join the angels of the garden on a magical journey of discovery through the very important earthly lessons of greed, separation, and discrimination because of color and belief.

Crystals R for Kids

A wonderful workbook for children including information on how to choose, program, and cleanse a crystal or stone.

Exploring the Chakras

Our energy centers, or chakras, play an important role in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Through this little workbook, learn the locations, colors, and functions of each of our seven physical chakras and how to balance them. This is a great resource for teaching children about this fascinating subject.

Happy Feet

Let the educational and whimsical illustrations teach you and your child how to do foot reflexology.

Just Lighten Up! - Coloring Book

Each little angel in this coloring book is demonstrating a tool we can all us to help us lighten up during the day. If we really want to be grumpy and unhappy, we can. So call on these angels. Ask them to laugh and play with you to help you see the humor in all the experiences you create. Laughter is the best medicine, and these little angels can brighten any day.

One Red Rose

Due to a major earthquake the poor and well-to-do sections of a small community are united, bringing important lessons to two small representations of each part of the town: 1) the pain of separatenes

Principals and Applications of the Twelve Universal Laws

God designed twelve basic laws for us to follow. This workbook offers definitions of the twelve laws along with exercises, activities, and meditations to give you a better understanding of these laws and how to apply them to your daily life. This book is great for adults and teens looking for positive change in their lives.

The Angel Told Me to Tell You Good-Bye

A young boy who is about to die is taken on a wonderful journey with the guidance of his guardian angel.

The Bridge Between Two Worlds

Sara has always felt different and that she never really belonged here on Earth.

The Cave of the Ancients

Join Tee-la and De-Nar as they encounter a mystical cavern containing beautiful crystals that can reveal wisdom from the past, present, and future.

The Little Angel Who Could Not Fly

Angela cannot fly! Knowing that all angels fly and feeling self-conscious, Angela enlists her parents’ help to begin a quest for answers.

The Master Speaks

High in the Andes Mountains of Peru lies a tiny village completely hidden from the rest of the world. No one knows about these people. If anyone did know of them , they would wonder where these people came from. It is most likely these people came from the stars thousands of years ago.

The Seven Sacred Pools

A mysterious dream inspires De-Nar and Tee-la to explore a mystical place on a nearby mountain.

When the Earth Was New: An Experience in Healing Our Planet

When the Earth Was New: An Experience in Healing Our Planet teaches ways to protect and care for our Earth.

Where Is God?

This is a story of a child who finds God in himself and teaches others. Inquisitive John wants to find God. From his church experience to discussions with family and friends, he feels something is missing. When a neighbor tells him God does not exist, John chooses to find a way to prove the neighbor wrong. Through the wonderful personal journey of a determined little boy, Where is God? demonstrates that God exists in all of us and all of creation.

Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Peter has nightmares when he goes to bed. He is afraid of just about everything until one night he encounters a very special visitor who teaches Peter how to use a special gift to erase fear. A wonderful meditation is included.