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Shining the Light III: Humanity Gets a Second Chance

Shining the Light III: Humanity Gets a Second Chance
Shapiro, Robert

The focus shifts from the dastardly deeds of the secret government to humanity's role in creation. Earth receives unprecedented aid from Creator and cosmic councils, who recently lifted us beyond the third dimension to avert a great catastrophe.

Humanity begins to learn to render the sinister secret government powerless by being the light that we are. Earth becomes a member of the Council of Planets, and the universe time-shifts to preserve the Explorer Race.

Source information shines the light of truth on:

  • Photos of beings, portals, and holes in time and space
  • Sinister secret government—mining on Hopi land, technology, terrorist activity, being forced to move, and more
  • Military resistance to global power grab by secret government
  • Universal time shifts that preserved the Explorer Race
  • The photon belt, which is your God-self coming to join you

Be interested and aware of what is happening around you but focus on what is happening within you—become aware of your becoming.

6 x 9
Book Series: 
Shining the Light Series
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The evil actions of the


The evil actions of the secret government driveway sealing hamilton become less important than humanity's place in the universe.

Important and Informative


This book is not only tells us about ETs, but more importantly, about the "Secret Government" - a group of evil people who are really in control of America. This book reveals how much control they have, how they come to have alien technology, how they use this to harm/control people. Their goal is to control as many people in the world as possible, through making people miserable and then showing everybody that they can restore the world to a wonderful place - if only everyone lets them control everybody. They want to control everybody from the cradle to the grave.