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Memory Land

Memory Land
West, Jody

What happens when we pass away?

What happens to our bodies?

Where does the energy go?

Memory Land is a vision of death and dying to aid us to be at peace with the process of letting go while holding on to the memory of the beloved.

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Five stars. I just bought


Five stars. I just bought this book a couple days ago at Borders, I just finished it and I'm blown away to learn more. If you want to lift the veil, you need to read this series. I can't explain how this information completely fits. It changes your brain. What I've always thought is true and my life feels right. If you feel drawn to this man, then read his work!

nice post

As a cognitive psychologist, delving into memory landscapes unveils fascinating insights into human cognition. Memory land, rich image clipping path service with recollections and associations, shapes our identities and perceptions. Understanding its intricacies aids in therapeutic interventions, educational strategies, and unlocking the mysteries of consciousness, illuminating the complexities of the human mind.