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Shining the Light IV: Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

Shining the Light IV: Humanity’s Greatest Challenge
Shapiro, Robert

The fourth installment of the series tells of the incredible vehicle traveling with the Hale-Bopp Comet—four times the size of Earth and filled with lightbeings. The book also covers the Montauk project, the HAARP project, and the uncreation of Hitler.

Here are forty-nine more chapters in the ongoing process of shining the light on history as it happens—the real truth behind the scenes—as humanity moves up the dimensions and the sinister secret government attempts to stop the process.

The light of truth shines on:

  • Humanity takes responsibility for Earth and defuses earthquake
  • Lightbeings in vehicle traveling with Hale-Bopp Comet send heart-opening energy to humanity
  • Beings from the alternate negative future attempt to take over the sinister secret government
  • SSS and the HAARP Project
6 x 9
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Shining the Light Series
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