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Shining the Light VI: The End of What Was . . .

Shining the Light VI: The End of What Was . . .
Shapiro, Robert

This book in the Shining the Light series exposes the sinister secret government and their continued manipulation of the human race. The most significant events in Earth’s history are happening now.

In future books, mentors of humanity will continue to expose the SSG’s nefarious dealings, but they will give us step-by-step instructions in the ancient and lost arts of benevolent magic—spiritual wizardry—enabling us as creators in training to blend our hearts, minds, and souls to become creators of our own destinies and thwart the SSG’s goals.

Read about the future, happening right now, in forty-four prophetic and visionary chapters such as:

  • Don’t Use Water for Fuel, or Earth Will Look Like Mars!
  • SSG Commands, “Don’t Read!” on U.S. Television Sets
  • How to Aid Whales Caught in Worldwide Sonic Radiation
  • Electronic Reproduction of Sound Produces Stress
  • Cats as Our Teachers
  • The Arrival of the Wisdom Seekers and Wisdom Givers
  • Zero Point and the Unified Field
  • Creator Flips the Switch
  • Tunnels under Phoenix and White Light in New England
  • A Lesson in Benevolent Magic
  • Oxygen-Eating Meteoroids
  • Don’t Let the SSG Draw You into a Malevolent Time Line
  • Kids Will Lead the Movement to Embrace Outcasts
  • Sand as Crystal Libraries
  • Why You’re Tired and What to Do about It
  • Humanity Chooses Species Consciousness
  • and many more
6 x 9
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Shining the Light Series
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