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Shining the Light I: The Battle Begins!

Shining the Light I: The Battle Begins!
Shapiro, Robert

The most significant events in Earth’s history are happening in secret.

Despite official denial and tactics of derision, inquiring minds are demanding the truth. This truth is stranger than all the fictions about ETs, alien bases, and the secret government.

This courageous book shines the light to expose truths that will change forever how we view our lives on this planet. It asks the reader to join in the investigations, ask the questions, and think the unthinkable.

Explore the truth about the controllers of Earth and their alien allies. Discover the updated news about what is happening on the third dimension and what it really means from the higher dimensions’ perspective.

The revelations are shocking and enlightening. A crashed UFO leads to information on:

  • The secret government’s time travel spacecraft
  • Renegade ETs mining on the Moon
  • The U.S. peace-avatar president
  • Ancient Pleiadian warships
  • The prime directive now
  • Underground alien bases and populations
  • And many more startling facts

The battle in the heavens has begun.

Become aware of the truth and don’t get lost in the drama. Be the light that you are and you will be forever free.

6 x 9
Book Series: 
Shining the Light Series
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Books beyond description...


If ever there was a book or series of books that I have had difficulty describing to others, these are the ones. The authors truly have outdone themselves, probably beyond their own comprehention. Being information based on channeling, that alone makes it uneasy to tell others what this material is about. Although I haven't completed the series, I started halfway through them and am backtracking and now looking forward to book VI. If anyone dares to read this material and finishes it, then you are in for a trip of knowledge beyond your wildest imagination. Truly not for the faint of heart. Discover humanity and discover yourself through this series and make a difference for this world. Just try and remember even a quarter of what you read and you'll be challenged to remember the rest. Take care all and happy reading. God (Creator)Bless you all...