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The Source Adventure

The Source Adventure
McClure, Janet

Life is discovery, and this book is a journey of discovery to learn to grow, to recognize the opportunities: to be aware. It asks the big question, "Why am I here?" and leads the reader to examine the most significant questions of a lifetime.

Have you often asked yourself, "Why do I exist? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life?" I give you this answer: You are discovering—you are processing—existence.

The process, then, is the means to discover, to learn, to grow, to recognize opportunities—to be aware. Awareness is the process.

Let me, in the following material, take you on a journey of awareness. It will be a means to explore deeply, sometimes conceptually, all of existence. For those of you who are just now asking the question, "Who am I?" allow this book to enlarge your concept of self beyond your present understanding. Your question is: “What is the purpose of life? What is the process for?” This material has been written especially for you. There is definitely a stretching, or bridging, process that I will guide you through.

I refer to Source light and its evolution frequently in order to show you the means by which you may fit into the whole picture. Try to allow this stretch. If it seems to you that the Source is beyond your present understanding, know that this is not true. You are a part of that Source and its light.

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Great book


This book is awesome because it explain the source adventure. I really love it and geometry dash scratch which is an interesting adventure game.

the best book ever written


is all already written i am a numble servant, what can i say...nothing just follow the path