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McClure, Janet

Janet McClure

Janet McClure, Professional Channel, brought us Vywamus, Lenduce, Djwhal Khul, Ashtar, and others. Janet was co-founder and president of the Tibetan Foundation, a group founded to disseminate spiritual information and to train channels who also brought the teachers' information and energy to all parts of the world. Janet was internationally known as a channel of great depth and clarity. The workshops and lectures that she channeled were remarkable in their variety, and in their power to move participants rapidly in their evolution, spiraling them into the new age. She has authored six published books. Janet left her body on October 5, 1990, while in Egypt.

Aha! The Realization Book

If you are mirroring your life in a way that is not desirable, this book can help you locate murky areas and make them suddenly crystal clear. Readers will find it an exciting step-by-step path to changing and evolving lives.

Light Techniques That Trigger Transformation

This book includes topics on expanding the heart center, launching your light, releasing the destructive focus, weaving a garment of light, light alignment, and more. It is a wonderful, effective tool for using light to transcend. Beautiful guidance!

Prelude to Ascension

Tools for Transformation

Light Technology Publishing proudly presents the previously unpublished (except as transcriptions sold by the Tibetan Foundation) work of Janet McClure. Ranging from her channeling of the Tibetan through the final epochal new material delivered before she left her body, this information is of immense value and timeliness.

Sanat Kumara: Training a Planetary Logos

The Story of Sanat Kumara

Have you ever wondered how the beauty of Earth was created? As you look at a magnificent waterfall plunging down the side of a rock cliff, view the vibrant range of color within a sunset, or walk within the peace and tranquility of a forest, do you wonder, “How is this created?” Certainly, God, the Creator, had the vision from which the Earth was born, but have you wondered, “How can it be so beautiful, so alive?”

The Source Adventure

Life is discovery, and this book is a journey of discovery to learn to grow, to recognize the opportunities: to be aware. It asks the big question, "Why am I here?" and leads the reader to examine the most significant questions of a lifetime.