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Light Techniques That Trigger Transformation

Light Techniques That Trigger Transformation
McClure, Janet

This book includes topics on expanding the heart center, launching your light, releasing the destructive focus, weaving a garment of light, light alignment, and more. It is a wonderful, effective tool for using light to transcend. Beautiful guidance!

The co-founders of the Tibetan Foundation bring you the first of a new level of teachings/techniques based on the technology of light. Vywamus says, “I am a spiritual teacher, light energy if you will, who has seen and been inspired to come to Earth by the light energy of your planet. And through the process of evolution, it (the planet) approaches the fourth dimension and thus has awakened responses from the fourth-dimensional perspective that are now adding light energy to it."

There is a basic level of learning that has already been accepted that transcends anything else ever before within the history of your planet and this includes that light civilization called Egypt. Many of you are beginning to utilize abilities that you used in Egypt.

Light is the carrier of receptivity, and it cannot evolve until the receptivity area is lit up, until your heart is acknowledged as the means to light up the ways to create your life and your part of the creator’s plan for Earth.

Each time you relate and discover through a light exercise a way to unite the conceptual, emotional, spiritual, and physical, you will have lit up a possibility that can then transcend in your life in a very practical manner those areas that have seemed difficult or not yet clear. This book, then, is a very practical tool in using light to transcend because it has lit up a clearer perspective.

Topics include:

  • Triggering creative fountains of light
  • Launching your light to the creative core
  • Technique for expanding to the heart center
  • Releasing the destructive focus
  • Freeing-up the four-body system in the dimensions
  • Energizing and transcending
  • Weaving the garment of light
  • Adding light to the body
  • Finding a key in the light
  • Light alignment
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Whenever you find a method to


Whenever you find a method to integrate the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical through a simple tree trust rotorua activity, you will have ignited a possibility that can later transcend in a very practical way those aspects of your life that have appeared challenging or unclear.