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Miller, David K.

David K. Miller

David K. Miller has an extensive background in psychology and psychotherapy. After thirty-five years of conventional practice, David now focuses exclusively on soul psychology. He has been receiving information and direct messages from the Arcturians for more than twenty-two years. As a result of this powerful connection, he has channeled more than 15 books, written over 200 articles, and led more than 50 international workshops on themes related to the Arcturians. David is also the founder of the international meditation group known as the Group of Forty. To learn more, got to www.groupofforty.com.

A New Tree of Life for Planetary Ascension

David has teamed up with Torah scholar and Kabbalist expert Mordechai Yashin, who resides in Jerusalem, Israel.

Arcturians: How to Heal, Ascend, and Help Planet Earth

“We are at a crossroads in our spiritual evolution on Earth. This crossroads is called the point of ascension.

Biorelativity: Planetary Healing Technologies

A shift in consciousness has occurred on the planet during the last twenty-five years, marking a new moment in the evolution of humanity’s consciousness concerning our relationship to Earth and to the cosmos.


Only on a rare occasion does a book come along that contains the potential to change the consciousness of our entire planetary culture. Many have talked about the ascension process, but very few really understand what it means. Who is really out there? Where are we going? What are our choices? What has to be done to prepare for this event? Is everyone ascending to the same place? What happened to the fourth dimension? How can we understand the fifth dimension? What does it feel like? How does it operate? What are fifth-dimensional beings like? How do they live?

Connecting with the Arcturians 2

Planetary Transformation from a Galactic Perspective

Connecting With The Arcturians 3

Available Now!

Energy fields, higher vibrations, and the evolution of humanity

Enseñanzas del Sagrado Triángulo Arcturiano

Es necesario un nuevo paradigma espiritual ahora…

Expand Your Consciousness

Now more than ever, humankind is in need of developing its higher consciousness to heal itself and Earth and to experience life in a much more meaningful way.

Fifth-Dimensional Soul Psychology

Greetings. I’m Vywamus. I’m a soul psychologist. In this series of lectures, we will explore the meaning of soul psychology and how it relates to modern psychology. More importantly, we will show how soul psychology as a practice is becoming more popular and is an especially useful technique for starseeds and others who are awakening to the fact that there is reincarnation and that there are soul lessons that must be learned.

Kaballah and the Ascension

“Throughout Western history, channeling has come to us in various forms, including mediumship, shamanism, fortunetelling, visionaries, and oracles.

New Spiritual Technology for the Fifth-Dimensional Earth

Earth is moving closer to the fifth-dimension and new spiritual ideas and technologies are becoming available for rebalancing our world.

Raising the Spiritual Light Quotient

The concept of raising the spiritual light quotient is similar to the intelligence quotient used in modern psychology, the IQ test.

Teachings from the Sacred Triangle, Volume One

Three forces must come together for a planetary healing to occur. This book explains how the Arcturian energy melds with that of the White Brother-/Sisterhood and the ascended Native American masters to bring about planetary healing.

Teachings from the Sacred Triangle, Volume Three
Holographic Healing, Biorelativity, and Planetary Transformation
The Blue Jewel [DVD]

We are all living in a time of great change and transformation period.