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Biorelativity: Planetary Healing Technologies

Biorelativity: Planetary Healing Technologies
Miller, David K.

We now accept that human beings are interacting with a living planet, and we understand that this living planet has an energetic relationship to the galaxy. We have also come to understand that the entire biological and energy system of this beautiful planet we live on is totally dependent on how humans treat the planet, the environment, and other life forms on Earth.

Biorelativity describes the ability of human beings to telepathically communicate with the spirit of the Earth. The goal of such communication is to influence the outcome of natural Earth events such as storms, volcanoes, and earthquakes. This book is a collection of channeled lectures through Arcturian, Native American, and other mystical guides, transmitted in sessions from 2009 through early 2011, that describe the exercises and thought developments related to biorelativity, the planetary cities of light, and the Arcturian Tree of Life that together form new technology for Earth healing. Through these lessons, you can implement new planetary healing techniques right now, actively participating in exciting changes as Earth and humanity come together in unity and healing.

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