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Teachings from the Sacred Triangle, Volume Three

Teachings from the Sacred Triangle, Volume Three
Miller, David K.
Holographic Healing, Biorelativity, and Planetary Transformation

The knowledge and technology to proceed with holographic healing is hereby granted to each of you who reads these words. It is not necessary to travel to distant places.
With the holographic technology and skills you have been taught, you will be able to project your energies in the most direct and transformative way throughout Earth.
I ask each of you to take that part of Earth you are familiar with and know that when you interact with that part, you can affect the whole Earth. Whatever part of that whole that is distorted can be transformed into fifth-dimensional holographic energy.

— The Arcturians

Chapters Include

  • Inner Space: Pathway to Ascension
  • The Nature of Energy Fields
  • Multidimensional Crystal Healing Energy
  • Bilocating and Biorelativity
  • Expanding Your Energy Circuitry
  • Starseeds Awakening and Glimpses of Life on Arturus
  • Heart Energy: Key to Overcoming all 3D Limitations
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