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Expand Your Consciousness

Expand Your Consciousness
Miller, David K.

Now more than ever, humankind is in need of developing its higher consciousness to heal itself and Earth and to experience life in a much more meaningful way. By expanding our consciousness, we can see the connections and unity that exist in all reality, and we might see objects with sharper colors, hear sounds with greater clarity, or even experience two sensations simultaneously! In this book, you will explore the fascinating multidimensionality that is yours for the taking.

"You might think that the mind is in the cells, but in reality, the mind also exists as an energy field located in the aura, meaning the mind exists in a realm that in part is in the third dimension but also exists in other dimensions as well. The mind is naturally multidimensional." — Vywamus

Chapters Include

  • The Laws of Consciousness
  • The Next Step for Humanity
  • Thought Fields
  • Superintelligence: A New Consciousness
  • Quantum Cohesiveness
  • Unified Consciousness and Earth’s Noosphere
  • The Intersection of the Dimensions
  • Folding the Space-Time Continuum
  • And much, much more!
6.0 x 9.0
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This sounds like a mind expanding read. The idea of consciousness existing beyond the confines of the physical realm is both profound and thought provoking.
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