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Sacred Heart Yoga: Activation of the Sacred Seals

Sacred Heart Yoga: Activation of the Sacred Seals
Ellen, Virginia

This beautifully designed NEW EDITION includes more than FORTY illustrated yoga postures, providing a practical guide for CONNECTING TO THE DIVINE WITHIN.

I bring you the gift of the ages, your birthright, with a heart filled with love for you. I give to you, as Jesus gave to me, the science of the sacred heart — how to activate the sacred seals, the light of God that lies dormant in humanity. Jesus graciously gave me an ancient practice using the science of prayer, which he used and understood. The formula he gave me for prayer is Sacred Heart Yoga, a personal resurrection into love.

Sacred Heart Yoga provides a living opportunity to experience God come alive in every cell of your body. As you hear the voice of God bring you messages of love and wisdom, you will begin to feel and understand God’s love for you. Your body will become illuminated, your soul educated, and your frequency quickened as the light becomes more alive in you. May you have the pleasure of experiencing the divinity within you.

Subjects Include

  • Sacred Heart Yoga Lineage
  • The Phenomenon of Activating the Seven Sacred Seals
  • The Science of the Body
  • The Law of Acceptance
  • The Principles of Being
6.0 x 9.0
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