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Ellen, Virginia

Virginia Ellen

Virginia Ellen is a modern-day mystic and a bearer of Jesus’s original message. She had a near-death experience in which she came face-to-face with her teacher, Jesus. In this transformative experience, Virginia was infused with the wisdom and energy to activate the sacred seals (Christ light). She now transmits this sacred energy to others, bringing God to life in every cell of the body while activating their sacred seals. Visit www.reprogrammingtheunconsciousmind.com for more information.

Activation of the 17 Sensors [CD]

I am so honored to bring this ancient and forgotten wisdom to you. We are entitled to this lost wisdom and it is our birthright to become Living Gods.

Activation of Your Life Force Energy: A Journey into Oneness [CD]

You will vibrate and pulsate Life Force Energy through you. You will have the opportunity to Live your Life in Love.

Keys to the Sacred Seals [CD]

We will develop within you a new foundation. This foundation is developed and solidified by using the Keys to the Sacred Seals.


The most important thing about Jesus' life was his teachings and somehow we have missed the message and made him the idol. This book will give you the Spiritual Technology to embrace and live his teachings, which allows you to become as he was, a Living Christ.

Sacred Heart Yoga: Activation of the Sacred Seals

This beautifully designed NEW EDITION includes more than FORTY illustrated yoga postures, providing a practical guide for CONNECTING TO THE DIVINE WITHIN.

The Sacred Yoga Jesus Taught: A Supreme Path to Unity

Disk 1
1. Music
2. Introduction to the Yoga Jesus Taught
3. Aramaic, the Language of Enlightenment
4. Ameyn
5. The Living Christ Matrix
6. The Power of the Spoken Word