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The Next Dimension Is Love

The Next Dimension Is Love
Roeder, Dorothy

As speaker for a civilization whose species is more advanced, the entity describes the help they offer humanity by clearing the DNA—an exciting vision of our possibilities and future.

A Time for Healing and Transformation

Beings from another dimension, parallel to ours and yet far beyond it, give their view about what is happening on Earth now. They speak about what it means to be an unlimited spiritual consciousness immersed in a limited physical body. They describe how our fear of anyone different limits us and why that must change if we are to survive as a race. It is our fear of change that limits our ability to reach our full potential.

The primary message is humanity’s special ability to love in so many ways and how much we can teach the rest of the universe about creating with love. That is our special contribution to this cosmos.

Are these beings, who resemble the praying mantis, really a part of us or our higher consciousness? Topics include:

  • Are we masters of our own destiny?
  • Do we control our own lives?
  • Is there purpose in what we do on Earth?
  • What is going on and what does it mean?
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What a Powerful Book.


While reading this book in between clients I began to read of a guide I had never heard of named Sanat Kumara. My next client came early, so I left my book and began the session. When we began the meditation part of the session, Sanat Kumara came through. The client described him and the meditation Ii had just read in the book, but could not get his name. When I asked her to ask the guide if his name was Sanat Kumara, a resounding YES! came back. i was so excited, and his energy is very familiar to me now. Tthanks for a wonderful book!!blessings and peace!!