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Roeder, Dorothy

Dorothy Roeder

Dorothy Roeder began channeling as a means of exploring herself and discovered the need to share the great love and support available from other dimensions. She is the author of the best-selling Crystal Cocreators, in which she discussed the physical and metaphysical properties of 150 crystals, and The Next Dimension Is Love, in which she channels Ranoash, a teacher from a parallel universe. Dorothy is a licensed chiropractor in Phoenix, Arizona, who combines spiritual healing and counseling with etheric bodywork.

Crystal Co-Creators

A fascinating exploration of one hundred forms of crystals, describing specific uses and their purpose, from the spiritual to the cellular, as agents of change. It clarifies the role of crystals in our awakening.

Reach for Us

Your Cosmic Teachers and Friends

Messages from teachers, ascended masters, and the space command explain the roles they play in bringing the divine plan to Earth now! Your cosmic teachers and friends are here for you! Who are they and what do they look like? Can you connect with them to learn your part in the cosmic plan?

The New Age Primer

Welcome to the New Age. It is here. Now. Everywhere. From the way medicine treats the body, mind, and spirit to quantum physics and the films you see, you are noticing a changing reality.

The Next Dimension Is Love

As speaker for a civilization whose species is more advanced, the entity describes the help they offer humanity by clearing the DNA—an exciting vision of our possibilities and future.