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Miracles . . . and Other Ordinary Things

Miracles . . . and Other Ordinary Things
Ford, Dr. Lana J.

What do you feel when a physician tells you that you have a brain tumor and that you are going to die in a few months? How do you cope with two children under the age of three when the tumor leads to blindness? How do you make sense of yor life when the physician, angry that you didn't die, mumbles that he will now have to treat you as if you have multiple sclerosis?

Lana Ford was faced with these questions and began to answer them one by one over a two-year period. She was forced to examine the meaning of life, to sort through her beliefs about health and illness, living and dying, and to discard all the cultural programming she had accepted since childhood. Then she began to play with inventing other realities, visualizing the internal workings of her own body, and refusing to believe in anything outside her own experience. She trusted only the inner wisdom found in meditation, including exploration of past lives and conversations with angels. Her body began healing, and within months, she was symptom free and has remained so for more than twenty years. Yet at the time, she knew in her heart that no one would believe her story.

In the twenty years following her illness, she has been a seeker of wisdom, finding information from ancient texts; asking for translations of the Hebrew she found herself chanting; studying with eminent astrologers, theologians, shamans, quantum physicists, and those on the leading edge exploring realms of consciousness. With both humor and scientific evidence she shares the wisdom she found—that miracles lie in the mysterious interpretations we make of the events in our own lives and the connections we make with each other.

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