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Gaia Speaks: Solutions for a Small Planet, Volume Two

Gaia Speaks: Solutions for a Small Planet, Volume Two
Lewis, Pepper

We, collective humanity, are one of Earth's resources. We cycle and recycle ourselves through lifetimes on Earth, leaning, sharing, and contributing to Earth in a variety of ways. Gaia truly benefits from our company, and her sentience enjoys the varied history we have shared with the planet.

That being said, this is a time of great change for humanity and for Earth. We are on the cusp of a New Age, and time is running out on our present—soon to be recent past—age. Gaia cannot offer us complete solutions to our difficulties and dilemmas, but she can instill within us the knowingness to see through our predicaments to solve the puzzles of our time.

Subjects include:

  • Healing the World, One Meditation at a Time
  • Solutions for a Small Planet
  • The Long and Short of It
  • The Wars of Humankind in Heaven
  • Keeping Time
  • Compassion Knows No "Other"
  • Does Gaia Believe in God?
  • The Gift of LIfe Continues to Give
6 x 9
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