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Ford, Dr. Lana J.

Dr. Lana J. Ford

Dr. Lana Ford is a licensed occupational therapist who provides stress management to businesses and individuals. She specializes in areas of peak performance, improved learning, holistic thinking, intuitive processing, and emotional rebalancing. Dr. Ford offers stress management services based on a vibrational perspective.

Your voice is as individual as a fingerprint, and it contains the vibrations of your thoughts, feelings, and physiological functioning. Taking a voice sample over the Internet allows her to reduce those vibrations to brain-wave patterns and create personal CDs. As you listen to your personal tones, stress is removed from the nervous system, allowing the body to come into balance naturally. The ultimate aim is to enable others to awaken to their own mastery and unleash the power within.

Miracles . . . and Other Ordinary Things

What do you feel when a physician tells you that you have a brain tumor and that you are going to die in a few months?