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The Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path (Book 11): Revelations of a Melchizedek Initiate

The Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path (Book 11): Revelations of a Melchizedek I

This book traces Dr. Stone’s journey of ascension through the seven levels of initiation and the process of anchoring and activating his fifty chakras, expanding to a 99 percent light quotient, and anchoring and fully activating all twelve bodies, which include the five higher bodies. With in-depth information given on the workings of the inner-plane ashram, Stone shares his path under the guidance of Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, and Lord Melchizedek.

Journey with Stone as he unfolds the process of his initiations. Written in an open and candid manner, this book shares dreams, meditations, conversations with the masters, spiritual background, thoughts and reflections, and actual ascension experiences.

Chapters Include:

  • The Order of Melchizedek
  • Some Reflections on My Path of Ascension
  • My Experience of the Initiation Process
  • Ascension and the Importance of Meditation
  • Wesak and the First Ascension Wave
  • My Meditations with the Core Group
6 x 9
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This is a deeply profound


This is a deeply profound book for one's spiritual journey, once again Dr. Stone gives so much information to help one succeed at the development for Ascension. I highly recommend it to the most serious spiritual questers to learn how to tap into the Universal assistance, Dr. Stone has paved the way for beginners and those spiritually seasoned. I deeply miss his presence on planet earth-a Great Soul and spiritual writer.