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The Amethyst Light

The Amethyst Light
Starre, Violet

"Perhaps you are standing in a bookstore thumbing through the pages of this little book, wondering if it contains the insights you are looking for. Perhaps you are wondering who the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul is and whether he really exists or ever did exist. Ultimately, it does not matter who the source is, but whether the contents are enlightening and useful to you and whether, after reading this book, you can understand more metaphysics and the significance of the present time in Earth history.

My perspective is that of one who has been a Tibetan Buddhist monk who eventually presided over a monastery. In that life, I focused on meditation, contemplation, study, and simple chores, as well as training and teaching younger monks. This life culminated many others spent in the monasteries of the Orient and in more mundane activities. The contemplative life makes it possible to raise consciousness to higher levels, and it is a testing ground to see how well one has learned the principles one has studied.

The goals of my Tibetan incarnation were to attain my true Buddha nature, demonstrate my compassion for all sentient beings, break free of the bonds of reincarnation, and join the noble ones. Thus I am giving you this book as one who has attained these goals and who now dwells in what might be considered a different dimension. Or I might be referred to as a mind without a body! At the time when I transcended to a higher level, I gained insights into a greater realm of knowledge and wisdom than had been available to me as a man incarnated on Earth. So I am not writing from the perspective of a Buddhist, but from that of one of the Spiritual Hierarchy, who guides the life on this planet."
—Djwhal Khul

Chapters Include:

  • The Seven Rays as Fields of Endeavor
  • The Evolution of a World Forum
  • The Planetary Chakras and the Angelic Beings
  • The World Economy as a Reflection of Human Values and Creativity
  • Replacing the Word “Love” with “Kindness”
  • You Came to Earth on a Mission
  • Meditations
  • Giving Personal Channeled or Psychic Readings
  • Astrology Works through the Collective Unconscious Mind
  • Reflections on the Immediate Future
  • A Word on the Great Invocation
  • Links to the Stars
6 x 9
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I highly recommend both her books


The Amethyst Light is the second book of the series, and again it gives you "the meaning of life" in a warm, matter-of-fact way.

I highly recommend both books- they are filled with simple everyday explanations of why we choose to visit the "school" we call Earth, and how to raise your levels of joy and understanding by simply getting along with everyone you come in contact with. There is other fascinating info that gives you much to consider and inspires you to seek your path and follow it.

This is a Must!


If you are familiar with Bailey texts or other theosophical writings, this is a must. The Amethyst Light is the second volume and hence the Diamond Light should be read first. If you liked the Diamond Light then you are not disappointed with this one either.