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Starr, Aloa

Aloa Starr describes the ways we can unwittingly permit or invite, negative discarnate entities (DEs) to form attachments. She provides many detailed case studies that are treated with success and cautions against the practice of release techniques without adequate training and intense dedication to the "calling."

I Want to Know

“Your chapter on the piano lesson inspired my students aged six to twelve, with positive food for thought. One nine-year-old boy talked about his fingers being under his command.”

Prisoners of Earth

Psychic Possession and Its Release

In recent years the media has spread an array of sensational and fantastic information on the various phenomena of possession—information that has often no connection with the facts as they are. There are many degrees of possession and some of these are relatively common, more common than one would ever believe. So it is very important that the public becomes aware of the whole issue and that it learn to protect itself.