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I Want to Know

I Want to Know
Starr, Aloa

“Your chapter on the piano lesson inspired my students aged six to twelve, with positive food for thought. One nine-year-old boy talked about his fingers being under his command.”

Author Aloa Starr has created a delightful series of stories, written as separate chapters, to answer children’s curiosity of the world about them. These stories are not based on a particular religion or doctrine, but rather on the larger spiritual teaching of the great masters of all time. They are metaphysically oriented and beautifully understandable.

Each chapter responds to questions about angels, why am I here, body shells, and dreams. I Want to Know inspires parents with the answers to every child's questions of life and stirs the young reader to a sensitive contemplation of the goings-on of the world.

I Want to Know is truly a gift for parents and grandparents who wish to share simple values with their young and a delight for the young reader.

5.5 x 8.5
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