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Prisoners of Earth

Prisoners of Earth
Starr, Aloa

Psychic Possession and Its Release

In recent years the media has spread an array of sensational and fantastic information on the various phenomena of possession—information that has often no connection with the facts as they are. There are many degrees of possession and some of these are relatively common, more common than one would ever believe. So it is very important that the public becomes aware of the whole issue and that it learn to protect itself.

The special value of this book lies in the fact that it demystifies the phenomenon of possession by revealing the numerous forms under which it manifests itself and by offering to the “patients” hope and a total and rapid liberation.

To perform a work of this kind successfully, one has to lead a life pure in deed and intents, harbor a profound love for humanity, be moved by great dedication, and possess the necessary knowledge and authority. Without these qualities, the process of “liberation” can put the operator in serious danger. Aloa Starr is one of these rare people.

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Though intricate, the study of buckshot roulette possession is intriguing. It seems important, though difficult, to comprehend its subtleties and provide hope for emancipation. Aloa Starr's skill at explaining this complex issue is evident.



The exploration of possession is fascinating yet complex. Understanding its nuances and offering hope for liberation seems vital albeit challenging. Aloa Starrs expertise shines in demystifying this intricate phenomenon.
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