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Kryon: In Austria - DVD

Kryon: In Austria - DVD
Carroll, Lee
Tober, Jan

The first video of a Kryon channeling ever released! Lee Carroll, Jan Tober, and the entire international Kryon team presents this event live from Salzburg, Austria.

In October 2004, the entire Kryon team hosted a comprehensive two-day event in the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria. Best known as the home of classical composer Mozart, this picturesque setting became the scene of a powerful series of lecutres, concerts, and spiritual channelings presented by team members Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, musical artist Robert Coxon, guest channeler Kahu Fred Sterling, and of course, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.

Due to his background as a recording-studio sound engineer with experience working on numerous major films and documentaries, it took sixteen years for Lee to finally give approval for the production of any kind of Kryon video. He wanted to be sure it would be a first-class product before it was offered to the public - and this series certainly is.

Kryon: In Austria features Jan Tober's powerful meditation and Kryon channeling given on Saturday evening, the first day of the event. The introduction on the DVD is provided by Jürgen Lipp, co-host of the event and owner/director of the Wrage Seminar Service in Hamburg, Germany. Along with his partner, Konrad Halbig, owner/director of Kola Verlag publishing, these two men and their families have produced every German-language Kryon event ever held in Europe.

The event's music was orchestrated by Canadian Robert Coxon, best-selling New Age recording artist and permanent member of the international Kryon team. It's his artistry that you'll hear during the entire meditation and Kryon channeling on this DVD. Robert has provided years of inspiration and profound musical elegance to these spiritual meetings.

This Kryon event was presented in English and translated sequentially into German by expert translator Silvia Autenrieth, so you'll hear both languages represented on this DVD. Sylvia has been the translator for all the Kryon German-language events in Europe and also the 2004 Kryon cruise to the Greek Isles.

Don't miss the bonus track! When Kryon visited Israel in 2000 a musical composer was in attendance named Amir Yakobi. He produced a driving eight-minute track that incorporated Kryon's actual recording taken from the event. His music has been combined with some awesome footage that will take you for a ride!

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