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Our Cosmic Ancestors

Our Cosmic Ancestors
Chatelain, Maurice

Author Maurice Chatelain, former NASA space expert, has compiled compelling evidence to show that a highly advanced civilization had existed on the Earth approximately 65,000 years ago.

Further, his work indicates that the knowledge of the advanced civilization has been "seeded" by extraterrestrial visitors who have aided humankind with advanced information in mathematics, electricity, and astronomy.

Our Cosmic Ancestors is a dynamic work unraveling the messages of these universal astronauts and decoding the symbols and visual mathematics they have left for us in the Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Mayan calendar, the Maltese Cross, and the Sumerian zodiac.

The book is captivating reading from beginning to end; however, Mr. Chatelain’s purpose in sharing these exciting discoveries lies in the hope that all of humankind will extend its horizons to release fear of the unknown, just enough, that another generation will exhibit growing curiosity to continue the search for signs of purposeful nurturing of this planet.

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I have met religious and


I have met religious and scientific experts from all over the world, but find they fail to measure up to the work of this genius who offers real answers to the questions we have had since birth. Once open, one cannot put it down. Other tasks of importance are put aside. Don't be afraid of all the numbers he uses. Rather keep an open mind and examine the logic. And part of his genius is his ability to express in simplified terms such an astronomically complex subject. He reminds me of Carl Sagan. You will soon find yourself succumbing to the irresistible attraction of true answers at last. I am impressed at M. Chatelain's courage in expressing such convictions.

Mairice Chatelain

I am reading it in French now. It is a very good book.